Elementary Curriculum

►The curriculum guides provide a framework for instructional planning across each grade level and subject. Based on the information found in the Curriculum standards teachers are able to document the objectives, procedures, TEKS, and the CCC for each subject. (Catechism of the Catholic Church). There are also helpful resources and websites in the guides which will enhance the teacher’s plans based on their individual textbooks.

►The school ensures that the curriculum, instructional strategies and assessments are aligned by using the Curriculum standards provided by the Diocese of Brownsville. Teachers meet at the beginning of the school year, during in-service days, in order to discuss curriculum objectives and to share which skills should be taught at each grade level. Teachers also meet after receiving the IOWA test scores to discuss which areas need to be reinforced in order to ensure student learning at a higher level. The principal checks lesson plans weekly in order to verify that the teachers are meeting the objectives set by grade level. She also conducts bi-annual teacher observations and walk-throughs in each classroom at any particular time throughout the week.

►Teachers use the IOWA test results to help them determine which skills and objectives need to be reinforced. They use the curriculum standards to help them plan the objectives and goals per subject per grade level. They use their textbooks and workbooks in order to assess the students' knowledge of information. Teachers use unit tests, teacher-made tests, projects, and research papers in order to check the mastery of the objectives being presented to the students. Teachers also use progress reports and report cards at the end of the nine weeks to verify the effectiveness of the curriculum being presented in each classroom.