About Us


Four Sisters of the Incarnate Word and Blessed Sacrament came from Lyon, France to teach. The first school Incarnate Word Academy was opened on March 7, 1853. The school was moved from its original location to Fronton St. in Dec. of 1853 and remained there until 1868 when a hurricane demolished the building. The Convent and School were rebuilt on 714 E. St. Charles where many students continued to be educated.

Incarnate Word Academy still continues its excellent tradition of education that it has provided for 150 years. This ministry is based on a deep faith in God, and is motivated by a Catholic philosophy of education and on high academic standards. The school continues preparing students for leadership in the Third Millennium.

Mission Statement

Incarnate Word Academy exists to provide an environment for learning in which God is the highest value. Our faculty is dedicated to providing each student with a Catholic educational experience that encourages academic excellence, develops the whole person, fosters a life-long love of learning and promotes an awareness of needs of the community.


We, the Faculty of Incarnate Word Academy, recognize the importance of the school in
developing growth in academic excellence, attitudes, and habits leading to intellectual discipline
and sound physical well-being, according to the ability of each student.

We also believe that as teachers in the Catholic school, we are called to educate
each students as a unique child of God. We believe that the purpose of education is to lead the
child to truth, the desire for truth, and the acquisition of truth.

Vision Statement

“A picture or a dream of a desired future.” (Glossary of Catholic Education Governance Terms, by Timothy Dwyer, 2003.)