Welcome to IWA

Welcome to Incarnate Word Academy, and thank you for visiting our website. Incarnate Word Academy exists to provide an environment for learning in which God is the highest value. Our faculty is dedicated to providing each student with a Catholic educational experience that encourages academic excellence, develops the whole person, fosters a lifelong love of learning, and promotes an awareness of the community's needs.

All our Catholic education efforts are designed to make Incarnate Word Academy motivate students to be enlightened and conscientious leaders. They possess life-long learning and commitment to Gospel Values. We believe that the purpose of education is to lead the child to the truth, the desire for truth, and the acquisition of truth. Incarnate Word Academy provides a well-rounded curriculum for students in grades PK-8.

Here at IWA, we are forming the child's heart through our Core Values: Integrity, Dedication, Dignity, Compassion, Service, Faith, and Gratitude. I invite you to visit our school and learn more about the traditions and what IWA has to offer.

Praised Be The Incarnate Word, Now and Forevermore, Amen!

Mr. Michael C. Camarillo, M.S.O.L.
Office: (956)546-4486
Email: michaelcamarillo@iw-academy.org