Driving Directions


The goals enflesh and expand the school’s mission and philosophy as they seek
to provide an environment for learning in which each student is developed and educated as a unique child of God.

Spiritual Goals
To establish and nurture a living Christian community through which the Incarnate Word
becomes present among students, teachers, staff, and parents.
To foster a mature faith that is living, conscious, and active in the lives
of the members of the school.
To develop an awareness of the responsibility to Christian social doctrine.

Intellectual Goals
To provide a curriculum content designed to develop all facets of human growth.
To offer a variety of instructional methods that respect all types of learning.
To involve in the learning process all agencies of education – family, church, and state.

Physical Goals
To teach each child lifetime and leisure sports that provide opportunities
for total physical development and good health.
To increase each child’s sense of responsibility and respect for global awareness.
To create a safe and pleasant learning environment.

Our hope is that through the implementation of these goals, potential becomes reality,
empowering each person to emerge as a challenging spirit-filled individual concerned with the
advancement of God's Kingdom on earth.
Since the family is the primary educator, we recognize our need for the cooperation and the
support of the family in achieving our goals. We share in God's creation of the child,
and we depend on Him to make us His instruments in the work of education.

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